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Get Your Staff Fitted With Hospital Uniforms

Get Your Staff Fitted With Hospital Uniforms

Get Your Staff Fitted With Hospital UniformsRecognition and Performance

Hospital uniforms serve many purposes, but for most part their most important functions are immediate recognition as part of a health care facility, and maximize the performance of their wearers. Nurses and doctors for example have different uniforms when seeing patients. Scrubs may have different colors to distinguish the role of its wearers, and lab or doctor’s coats serve to protect the doctor as well as the patient from cross contamination.

Color-coding of hospital uniforms also helps to distinguish between roles and staff positions. It is usually important to distinguish one hospital staff form another as not everyone may be familiar with the person’s face. Uniforms make it easy to know one’s role and make for faster transactions between staff, patients and visitors.

Hospital Uniforms

  • Scrubs – scrubs are perhaps the more widely known of hospital uniforms. They are usually made of a loose fit top with a v-neck and a pair of pants. Scrubs are utilized mainly for doctors and nurses who scrub in for operations and procedures but can also serve as uniforms for nurses attending to a floor. Some scrubs are for one time use before being laundered or disposed while some can serve as an all day uniform.
  • Get Your Staff Fitted With Hospital Uniforms Lab or Doctors CoatsLab or Doctor’s Coats – lab or doctor’s coats go over the outer wear such as scrubs or even casual clothing. They serve as an initial barrier of protection to avoid contamination between the patient and the doctor. They are usually white coats with long sleeves, effectively covering the body of the doctor.
  • Jackets – as opposed to scrubs, these are either buttoned or zippered clothing for nursing staff or other health care workers. These are usually worn with the same intent of protection as coats, but with enough distinction from doctor’s coats.
  • Utility Aprons – aprons serve as a utility accessory as they are fitted with many large pockets to carry medicine, stethoscopes and other useful items.
  • Surgeon’s Gowns – surgeon’s gowns are usually reserved for use in the operating room during surgery. These are meant to protect the surgeon from splatter from bodily fluids.

Where to buy

There are many distributors and suppliers of hospital uniforms, each city will probably have their own small business which specializes in hospital uniforms. You may also contact the supplier or manufacturer directly for quotes and sales concerns.

Get Your Staff Fitted With Hospital Uniforms Iguana MedHere are a couple of brands that make hospital uniforms in bulk.

  • Landau – with over 50 years in the industry, Landau has consistently supplied some of the best uniforms.
  • EKCO scrubs – Marc Ekco is a well known fashion house, but they also make comfortable and stylish scrubs.
  • Iguana Med – Iguana med provides some of the newer designs for hospital uniforms. Their line reflects the fast paced lifestyle of hospitals nowadays.

You can also check these online retailers for a variety of brands and services for hospital uniforms

  • Scrubs & Beyond
  • Pulseuniform
  • Uniform Advantage

These retailers carry several brands as well as have discounted lines and clearance sales. You may want to check with them for deals and promos on uniforms.

Make sure that you get a trusted seller so you can get high quality items. You can ask these suppliers for their referrals or call up other health care facilities to get feedback on these uniforms.


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